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Informed Consent

It is our responsibility to fully inform you of all aspects of your treatment. Part of this includes a discussion of any potential side effects or complications. All treatments potentially can cause these reactions, and chiropractic manipulation is no different. It however, has one of the safest records of the wide range of treatments that can be used for spinal disorders.

Possible adverse effects of spinal manipulation can include soreness in the area of treatment, reactive muscle spasm, injury to the disc causing pressure on the nerve tissue, fractures in weakened bone such as ribs, and injury to arteries in the neck resulting in stroke. Soreness or reactive muscle spasms or tightening are common but usually brief reactions to treatment. The other potential complications versus the relative frequency of the complication for other typical treatments are listed below.

Disc injury from manipulation -------------------------- Neurological ----------------------------- complication from causing spinal cord pressure ---------------------------- neck surgery -------------------------------- back surgery 1 per 100 million ---------------------------------------------- 1 per 64 ------------------------------------------- 1 per 33

Artery injury from ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Death rate from neck surgery manipulation causing stroke

1 per 1 million --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 per 145

Perhaps the most common alternative to spinal manipulation is the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. These drugs cause fairly common and potentially serious complications.

Complication associated with anti-inflammatory drug use:

Serious stomach or intestinal bleeding ------------------------------------------------------------ 1-4 per 1000 users Hospitalizations from complications -------------------------------------------------------------------- 20,000 per year Death from complications ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2,600 per year

I have read the above and understand the risk of complication that many occur from spinal manipulation. With this understanding, I consent to treatment with spinal manipulation by Jernigan Chiropractic Clinic.

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I was in an accident several years ago. It led to chronic neck and low back pain and I had headaches every day. Dr. Jernigan helped me get out of pain and stay out of pain

M. Smith
Gulfport, MS

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